Year End Tax Review 2010/2011


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Tax-free benefits

The taxman usually wants a slice of any "benefits in kind" provided by an employer to employees - particularly if they are directors of their own limited company. But there are quite a few benefits that are tax-free by law, and so if your employer buys them for you, that's cheaper than paying you salary (with tax) for you to buy them yourself. There is a long list of possibilities, but here is a selection:

  • pension contributions up to £50,000 (in 2011/12)

  • childcare vouchers of up to £55pw (for basic rate employees lower amounts for higher rate taxpayers);

  • one mobile telephone where the employer owns the phone;

  • vans where the private use is restricted to home-to-work travel;

  • loan of a bicycle for commuting;

  • health checks for employees or members of the household;

  • 40p per mile mileage allowance for business use of your own car;

  • annual party costing up to £150 per person attending.

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