Year End Tax Review 2010/2011


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Going online

HMRC are keen for everyone to file and pay online as much as possible. After all, computers are cheaper than people, and they have budget cuts to implement. From the taxpayer's point of view, filing online can be more efficient and secure it's all good until something goes wrong, and then trying to find someone who knows how to put it right can be a trial.

Employers are now required to file more of their PAYE forms online and will be penalised for failing to do so. From April 2011, companies will have to file accounts electronically with their Corporation Tax returns, and will have to do so using a particular type of software called iXBRL. HMRC will provide a basic facility to do this on their website, but a commercial package may be more efficient. Companies House will also accept accounts in iXBRL, but will not require them.

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